leumi bank code 2 digits

leumi bank code 2 digits 

banks in Israel are identified by bank number. Each bank in the State of Israel is given an identification code which must be identified when conducting a bank transfer or checking checks through the Bank of Israel 

leumi bank code 2 digits 

10 – Bank Leumi identification

In some banking systems Bank Leumi is identified by only two digits 10

IBAN BIC Codes leumi bank bank code leumi

Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M LUMIILIT

leumi bank code 2 digits 

leumi bank code 2 digits

 leumi bank IBAN format International Money Transfers  Bank Leumi  

IL – Israel

xx – 2 characters issued by your branch

010 – Bank Leumi identification Use 3 digits

XXX – Branch number of  leumi bank

Five 0 – Issued automatically by the system to reach 13 characters

YYYYYYYY – Account number To which the money is intended

מאסטר קארד דיי 10 לחודש הנחות מבצעים קוד הנחה

israel  bank code 2 digits

Bank Leumi 10 * Bank Hapoalim code 12 * Mizrahi Bank code 14 * Union Bank Number code 13 * Discount Bank code 11 * First International Bank code 31
code of Bank of Postal Bank 09 * code of Bank Yahav 04 * Bank of Jerusalem code 54 * code of Arab Israel Bank 34 * Mercantile Discount Bank 17

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