mizrahi tefahot bank

mizrahi tefahot bank

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mizrahi tefahot bank number mizrahi tefahot bank code

Mizrahi Tefahot number: 20

Mizrahi Bank Phone: 03-7559000

Mizrahi Fax: 03-7559913

mizrahi tefahot bank swift code

swift code (SWIFT) of Mizrahi Tefahot it: MIZBILIT

System (ABA) Fedwire):

To transfer money using this System (ABA) Fedwire):, you must instruct your bank abroad to fill the following information in the appropriate fields. We recommend that you print the page with this data and provide foreign bank representative:

 ABA number JPMORGAN CHASE Bank of New York = 021 000 021

 MIZRAHI account number is 544 723 637 BANK TEFAHOT

 XXXXXX AAA – Beneficiary name as it appears in the records of the bank and the international bank account number (IBAN) or

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